James Parker (b. 1992) is a composer, saxophonist, and sound artist based in Austin, TX. James’ work focuses on the collaborative relationship between the composer and performer, often asking performers to improvise and interact with each other or an element of live electronics. His work aims to question the idea of authorship in music, and to encourage collaboration and live composition as a part of each performance. His interests include the improvisatory elements in north and south American folk music, interactive installation projects, and the social elements of participatory music traditions.

As a composer for theater and dance, James has worked on numerous productions including several collaborations with Director Khristián Mendéz Aguirre. Current projects include a commission for Invoke’s American Postcards series, and a work for glockenspiel and electronics for Jordan Walsh’s Electronic Integration Project.

James’ work has been performed internationally at the Cohen New Works Festival, The Navy Saxophone Symposium, the Beerthoven concert series, Collide Arts Traffic Jam Festival, the Ithaca New Music Collective, the highScore Festival, the Valencia Institute for the Performing Arts, and the Atlantic Music Festival. He has been in residence at the Can Serrat Artists Residency and the Atlantic Center for the Arts, and is the recipient of multiple grants from the Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation, second place in the Smadbeck prize, and a Capacity Building Grant form the City of Austin. Recently he was an ASCAP fellow at the Sō Percussion Summer Institute at Princeton University. James holds a Bachelor of Music from Ithaca College and a Master of Music in Composition from the University of Texas at Austin.

James is an avid tango dancer, amateur photographer, and part-time taco scholar. He lives in Austin, TX with his partner Marta, for whom he cooks dinner every night.