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James Parker (b. 1992)

I’m a composer, sound designer, and saxophonist from and residing in Austin, Texas. I’m very interested in giving performers more ownership of the music, so that they have the opportunity to let more of their personality into their playing. I do this in several ways, most commonly by creating environments for improvisation that let performers explore and have fun within a certain structure. They get to decide certain elements of the structure of the piece based on what they hear form the other performers, a live electronics element, or some other environmental factor.

Last year I was a fellow at the Can Serrat Artists Residency in El Bruc, Spain, where I wrote pieces for Passepartout Duo and saxophonist Sarah Hetrick. I also attended the highSCORE festival where I was able to collaborate with Unassited Fold.




I’m currently working on a collaboration with playwright Daria Miyeko Marinelli on her play 30 Floods and writing new pieces for Jordan Walsh, and Natalie Calma, as well as a large installation with the students of Austin Soundwaves and Panoramic Voices. In April I’ll be in residence at the Kimmel Center for the Arts in Nebraska City, and in May I’ll be at the Atlantic Center for the Arts working with Annie Gosfield.

When I’m not composting I like to cook, spend time near trees, eat dim sum, listen to records, take pictures, dance tango, and read novels and short stories.